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    For as long as he can remember, Cris has always had a recurring dream of jumping off a cliff. But instead of seeing this as a nightmare, he sees this as an escape… an escape from the constant ramblings of his hapless father about work, from the forlorn look of his younger sister, from the emptiness he feels since his mother left them, from his pointless life. Then one night after waking up from the same dream, Cris decides to end his life. He marks the day as to when he will put to end all his miseries. He travels far to go to the suicide cliff—an infamous place where countless people have ended their lives. As cris was about to jump, he unexpectedly meets Aica—a girl who seem to suffer from the same turmoil of feelings as he does and also wants to end her life but can’t do it alone. Aica’s persistent persuasion to end their lives together turns this brief encounter into a very peculiar kind of friendship. Their plan for the perfect suicide was already set until Cris discovers a

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